Older People Living with Cancer

Peer advocates supporting older people affected by cancer

Michael Peace

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I am 71 years old I served 30 years in the Police force retired in 1990 and worked for 2 building Societies setting up their fraud systems. I was diagnosed in 1992/3 with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma; I received chemotherapy treatment as a day visitor. I was then diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in 2009 and advised that I would have Radiotherapy.  I then suffered what was understood to be a stroke but turned out to a brain tumour caused by Non Hodgkins Lymphoma which had not been fully killed in 1993 and had moved up the spine. I had a strong chemotherapy on and off for about 5 months. I then had to be treated for the Prostate by radiotherapy. Later that year I had blood poisoning and then in February had another slight stroke.

Since then I have tried to help others as I feel I could be of help to anyone who is going through the trauma of the treatment for the first time and generally passing on information only I could have by being there and done it so to speak. I am quite prepared to attend any meetings to explain what happened to me. I want to contribute and repay some of the care and attention that was given to me.


Author: kathparson

Chief Executive of Older People's Advocacy Alliance (UK)

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