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Advocacy on the Wards Project Launch

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Evaluation Report for Advocacy in the Wards Project Launch Event held on 17/10/12 at Alzheimers Society, Gateshead.  Postal surveys were mailed out to all twelve attendees, nine were returned.  Report compiled by Alan Davison, Advocacy on the Wards Co-ordinator, Age UK Gateshead.



Sharon Stuart
  • Welcome
  • History behind partnership working with OPAAL – London meetings
  • Background to Silver Dreams/Macmillan/Daily Mail partnership
  • Statistics/inequalities evidence
  • Aims of Project
  • Project started 01.07.12
  • Achievements to date (focussing on volunteers and publicity)
  • Next steps/way forward. (welcome ideas using flipchart as tool)
  • The role of local/national champions
  • London meeting on 09.10.12, report back
  • Invite expression of interest to join local Gateshead group
  • Experience of cancer pathway as a person affected by bowel cancer


1. The event met my expectations

  1.  Poor
  2. Below average
  3. Average 1
  4. Good 1111
  5. Excellent 1111


2.    I found the event interesting and productive

  1. Poor
  2. Below average
  3. Average 1
  4. Good 1111
  5. Excellent 1111


3.    What is your knowledge of the aim of the event now?

  1. Poor
  2. Below average
  3. Average
  4. Good 111
  5. Excellent 111111


4.    I felt able to activity join in the discussion

  1. Poor
  2. Below average
  3. Average
  4. Good 11
  5. Excellent 1111111


5. The speakers were knowledgeable and informed

  1. Poor
  2. Below average
  3. Average
  4. Good 111
  5. Excellent 111111


6.    Which aspects of the launch did you most enjoy/find useful?

  • The summary of the project to date from Alan as it shows how comprehensive it has been to date, and the wide and varied contacts that have been made.  Toms life experience was told with passion, emotion and humour, his cancer journey was very humbling
  • The personal account of having cancer and its impact.
  • Speakers were very informative.
  • I enjoyed hearing Evelyn talking about her role as a volunteer advocate and about how enthusiastic she was.  Tom’s talk was very powerful and showed how much the project is needed for people who are not as articulate or tenacious as he is.  It was very interesting hearing from Alan about how well the project has been developing and about how the volunteers have been recruited.
  • Open discussion (and cupcakes)
  • 1. Opportunities to hear from somebody who is surviving cancer and making a difference.  2. Good to get an overview of the project and share opinions.
  • The talk by Tom Kyle. So positive and very forthright.
  • Whole event was useful
  • The ‘personal experience’ was excellent.


7.    Please advise any areas that you feel could improve or you would like to see covered in future training.

  •  A wider selection of organisations attending the launch would have helped to promote the pilot scheme better.  Training with MacMillan staff will be most beneficial and constant feedback from other pilots around the country would be most helpful.
  • None, a very enjoyable and informative session.  Clear that the staff (Alan) and volunteer (Evelyn) are really passionate and keen to start.  Good Luck! p.s. the cakes were lovely.
  • More about how and when an advocate could help.


Answers will influence how we develop the project in the future and will be considered by Advocacy on the Wards project management board and local champions group.


Author: kathparson

Chief Executive of Older People's Advocacy Alliance (UK)

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