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What’s it like meeting an advocacy partner for the first time?

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What’s it like meeting an advocacy partner for the first time?

Being introduced to an advocacy partner could be an anxious time for a newly trained volunteer.  One volunteer shares her experience of going along with the project coordinator after the initial visit and assessment has taken place:

 ‘It was with some trepidation that I set off to meet my new and first partner. As I drove along I wondered whether I would be able to offer the support she needed, and indeed whether she would like me or me her. I felt nervous as I knew she relied on lip reading – would I be able to communicate sufficiently?

Many of my fears were allayed when she answered the door with a huge welcoming smile. My partner was happy to talk about her situation and made us giggle when she showed us her prosthetic breast still in its box. When she handed it to us to feel and talked about ‘me and my breast’ and then dumped it back in the box, I knew then that we would get along. I have since been to see her twice and although sometimes communicating is a little difficult I feel we are building a bond.

Although my partner appears happy and accepting of her situation I understood a little more of how she must be feeling on my 2nd visit when after opening the door she launched straight into her concerns about her upcoming appointments and treatment. We discussed her worries and hopefully I left her feeling a little less anxious.

I hope that I will be of some support to her, both practically and emotionally, over the next few months or for however long she needs.’

If you’re interested in cancer advocacy for older people then do let us know. 


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