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An Interesting Afternoon

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On Monday we had get-together for Advocates and Champions involved in Gateshead Cancer Advocacy. The purpose of the meeting was to reacquaint everyone and do some informal training with Maggie Bailey, who is a Welfare Rights Adviser with Macmillan and based with the Northern Trades Union Council.

Maggie gave a very interesting talk about the prevalence of mesothelioma and other asbestos related cancers amongst people who worked within manufacturing, construction and shipbuilding in our area and how their service provides independent advice about benefit entitlements available to any individual and their family affected by asbestos related disease including lung cancers, etc.

Helping to ensure that people receive their correct benefit entitlement can make such a huge difference to people affected by cancer and their quality of life.

Everyone present then gave Maggie an update on the types of issues we come across in our roles and Maggie agreed that when she is out and about on her visits she will pass on our leaflets and give information about our project to people who may also benefit from our advocacy service.

A very interesting and informative afternoon was had by all, especially as we have found a new supporter!

Alan Davison
Gateshead Cancer Advocacy
Age UK Gateshead


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