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Overhaul of End of Life Care system

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The Department of Health has issued a press release following the recent independent review of end of life care. As a result of the review a number of changes will take place in the use of  the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP)


The review includes the following recommendations:

  • phasing out the LCP and and replacing it with an individual end of life care plan
  • a general principle that a patient should only be placed on the LCP or a similar approach by a senior responsible clinician in consultation with the healthcare team
  • unless there is a very good reason, a decision to withdraw or not to start a life-prolonging treatment should not be taken during any ‘out of hours’ period
  • an urgent call for the Nursing and Midwifery Council to issue guidance on end of life care
  • an end to incentive payments for use of the LCP and similar approaches
  • a new system-wide approach to improving the quality of care for the dying

The full press release and review documents can be accessed here


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