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The King’s Fund

Chris Ham, Chief Executive of the King’s Fund, recently noted in their blog that “the  view at the Fund is that priority now needs to be given to putting in place policies to support integrated care, and offering practical help to enable providers and commissioners to take integrated care forward at scale and pace.”

As a result the King’s Fund has just launched a short animation about integrated care to help make progress in improving patient care. They note that: “the jargon of ‘integrated care’ is much-used in health policy and management circles. But why does ‘integrated care’ matter? And what will it mean for patients? This short animation aims to bring integrated care to life for anyone involved in improving patient care. If those working towards integrated care can share this vision with others in their local health and care system, then there is a real chance they can make integrated care happen.”

Advocates often spend time trying to get services to work better together for their advocacy partner so we’re keen to support a drive towards more effective integration of care services where it benefits those using the services. On watching the film I was taken with how “advocacy-like” the ideal service depicted is. The experience of our project is that it is very difficult to work with health professionals. Whilst the ideal shown in the film looks really great the practicalities of working with an unresponsive health service are very real. Those problems can’t and won’t be be solved overnight which is a shame as it’s very much to the detriment of the many older people using services who need help now.

If you’ve got a minute or two, watch The King’s Fund’s animated film about Sam and see what you think.


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