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Lung Cancer Awareness Month – November 2013


November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month.  Lung cancer is the most common cancer worldwide.  With the disease claiming more than 33,500 lives in the UK every year and a shockingly short six months average time between diagnosis and death it is crucial that awareness of this cancer is raised.

Organisations such as The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation strive to raise awareness of this disease.  Awareness leads to greater chance of early diagnosis.  The earlier the diagnosis, the better the chance is of swift lung cancer treatment and the ability to beat the cancer. So help your family and friends realise that smoking, passive smoking and exposure to certain chemicals are risk factors that should be eliminated or reduced.

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Keep Calm

Keep Calm

How can we do this?  Staying active is the main way!  Going to the gym, dancing, or doing a sport you enjoy will help strengthen your muscles. This will expand your lungs and ensure the blood that is pumped around the body is better able to provide the oxygen the body needs!

You should also stay away from smoking, keep your rooms well ventilated and get any persistent coughs that might arise checked with your doctor.

This is particularly relevant in Stoke on Trent as there is a higher incidence of lung cancer in the population compared to the national average.

Kath Curley

Project Co-ordinator Beth Johnson Foundation


3 thoughts on “Lung Cancer Awareness Month – November 2013

  1. Lungs do not pimp the blood and the wording should be slightly amended. They will ensure the blood that is pumped around the body is much better to provide the oxygen the body needs.


  2. The choice to make use of an alternative medicine remedy for cancer requires courage in the outset. When you are first told you’ve cancer it may be like stepping into an elevator shaft – your whole life can feel like it is going into totally free fall. And when you’re told by your oncologist or consulting surgeon and also you have to have surgery your initial impulse may be “Let’s get done quickly so I can get on with life following cancer.” This was true of my companion. Even though she regularly used alternative medicine the lure from the immediate fix that surgery for her breast cancer appeared to offer was enticing.


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