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Valuable Training Experience for Me!

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I was asked by Alan, our local project co-ordinator if I would be interested in doing some further cancer training and I jumped at the opportunity to attend a ‘Let’s Talk Cancer’ training day in Gateshead!!

During the first session it was explained to us how cancers develop, how early diagnosis and screening can influence survival rates with many treatments available. It was explained that healthy eating, exercise and cutting out smoking and drinking can have a huge impact on reducing risk.

Patricia Lee

Patricia seen here at an earlier event

There was a session on how to build up the confidence to talk to people about cancer which would be very helpful if faced with this situation. This session was very beneficial to me and was delivered in a relaxed and easy to understand way.

I left with lots of information leaflets and details of local cancer organisations, which I will share with other members at the local Gateshead Cancer Champions meeting next week.

Though I was on my own, everyone made me feel so welcome. I enjoyed the day and learnt quite alot and was able to fully contribute. I would certainly recommend it to anyone, as a person affected by cancer myself and will be encouraging others to follow suit!!

Best of luck with your funding bid

Patricia Lee, Cancer Champion

Gateshead Cancer Advocacy, Age UK Gateshead


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