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NHS England End of Life Workshops

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Several weeks ago Kath Parson blogged about the series of workshops being held around England during the  autumn to engage with the public and professionals on proposals to improve end of life care. These workshops follow on from  the publication of More Care, Less Pathway, the report of the independent review into the Liverpool Care Pathway

I attended the workshop held in Crewe and it was indeed attended by a range of professional, voluntary sector and members of the public who had experience of the Liverpool Care pathway – both good and bad.

The workshop was introduced by Ian Leech  from the People in Partnership Group (Dying Matters). The aim of the workshop was to gather views on the proposals and  ideas on improvements to care in the last days of life. This was done by group discussion with  questions being asked, around the following themes,  to initiate discussion:

Personal palliative care plans:

•             Do you agree with our proposal to encourage the use of such plans?

•             What should it be called?

How might personal palliative care plans work in practice?

•             Where should it be kept?

•             How can it be used most effectively?

When should personal palliative care plans start?

•             Who should start the conversations and how?

How can we improve our proposals for improving care in the last days of life?

•             What else is missing from our proposals?

A copy of the Engagement Document  can be found on  the NHS England website.


For those unable to attend the workshops but who would like to have input on the work being carried out you can also record your views on that website. The engagement period for this work ends on 6 January 2014.

Kath Curley

Cancer Advocacy Project Lead, Beth Johnson Foundation


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