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Kath talks about our BIG Lottery Flagship application


Recently Kath talked about her experience of completing and submitting our Flagship application to BIG Lottery’s Silver Dreams Programme.

Listen below to her comments. (The recording lasts for two and a half minutes)


2 thoughts on “Kath talks about our BIG Lottery Flagship application

  1. I am a mum returning to work and have seen the job role “Care Home Advocate” on a web page. I am so excited that not only does a position like this exsist but it could possibly be attainable for someone like me. Please could you advise me on how, where and if?? This would be a dream job for me…..
    Kindest Regards
    Mrs Brightmore
    07986 267286 x


  2. Hi Debra Unfortunately this isn’t a universally common role much as we at OPAAL would like it to be. If you’re interested in becoming an advocate the best bet is to contact your local advocacy provider to see what opportunities they might have. You can find details of OPAAL member organisations on the services page of our website at http://www.opaal.org.uk. Good luck!


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