Older People Living with Cancer

Peer advocates supporting older people affected by cancer

Sandwell’s Cancer, Older People and Advocacy project

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Sandwell Advocacy is delighted to be delivering the Cancer, Older People and Advocacy project within Sandwell.

Sandwell Advocacy is a specialist community based independent advocacy provider who has been working throughout Sandwell for 20 years.  We provide qualified advocacy practitioners who support vulnerable and/or marginalised individuals to represent their views, rights and wishes.  Essentially we aim to promote independence, choice and control, working to ensure that individuals are placed at the heart of the decision making process and that their voices are heard within a range of health and social care settings.

Sandwell Advocacy Logo

Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council has one of the highest levels of deprivation among local authorities in England (12th out of 326, Index of Multiple Deprivation 2010). Deprivation within Sandwell is widespread and fairly evenly distributed across the borough.

The Cancer, Older People and Advocacy project is a natural extension to the service Sandwell Advocacy already provides and means we will be providing one to one support, help and advocacy for anyone over 50 who is affected by cancer. We will work on the side of those we support; we are independent of service providers, statutory agencies and are free from the potential conflicts of interest unlike those that may provide other services.

Throughout the last month our Independent Cancer Support Advocate Paddy Elmore has been making contact with our local Oncology Departments, Information Centres, Support Groups, local Hospices and has been widely promoting the borough of Sandwell’s need for independent cancer advocacy support.

Paddy Elmore

Paddy Elmore

We held our first Local Cancer Champions Board on the 25th June – Watch out for more information on our LCCB in a future blog post.

We recently recruited a new Volunteer Coordinator, Juanita Williams, who is keen to get out there meeting others within the cancer support world and who will recruit and train a team of volunteer Peer Advocates who are also over 50 and have personal experience of cancer to support others through their cancer journey. We’ll tell you more about Juanita’s planned developments in future posts.

We’ve been keen to share the developments of the project through social networking. Follow us @sandwellSCOPA

If you wish to know more please contact us:

Tel: 0121 520 8070

Email: sandwelladvocacy@btconnect.com

Volunteer Enquiries:Volunteering@sandwelladvocacy.org

Dave Bradshaw, Project Co-ordinator, Sandwell Advocacy


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