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Jim and Edith: They love their new flat

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Val McGregor, advocate from KPAIS (Knowsley Pensioners’ Advocacy Information Service) tells us about the difference having advocacy support has made to Jim and Edith.

As a cancer advocate I have had a number of very positive outcomes.

I’d like to share this one with you.

KPAISWhen first introduced, Jim and Edith explained to me all the difficulties they were facing since Jim’s diagnosis of cancer several years earlier and how it had impacted on their lives and the impracticalities of their present housing. Jim was having to bathe at his local leisure centre as this wasn’t practical at home.

When Jim was having a bad day and unable to get out of bed, his wife was constantly having to go up and down the stairs, and as she has poor health herself this was really taking its toll on her. They both decided that alternative accommodation was necessary. 

On their behalf I applied for extra care accommodation were they are still able live independently but have the security of added support.  I attended a panel review on their behalf to state their case and they were subsequently offered a well equipped spacious, modern flat.

Jim and Edith moved into their new flat just in time for Christmas 2014.

They love their new flat and the amenities of an onsite restaurant and hairdresser.

They are now socialising more and their future is much brighter.

Val McGregor

Val McGregor



Jim and Edith have given us very positive feedback and said that they would have been unable to do this without the support of the cancer older people and advocacy project and how valuable this service is, when people are dealing with the effects of cancer on a daily basis.

If you are affected by cancer and would like to know more about advocacy support then do let us know.

Are you an older person affected by cancer living in one of our delivery areas? Would you like to train to be a peer advocate? If so get in touch.


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