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“My whole cancer experience was being turned around”

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Judith Pearson from Brighton & Hove Impetus describes her experience of becoming a Cancer Advocate:

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 and as my treatment was not too invasive I consider myself to be extremely lucky. Having said that, cancer has had a massive impact on my life; I have found that the emotional impact of the diagnosis continues. So much so, that earlier this year I was signed off work with anxiety and depression. I knew I had been struggling since my diagnosis but felt I just needed to ‘pull myself together’. I subsequently made the decision not to return to paid work for the time being.

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At the time of my diagnosis and treatment I had a strong sense of wanting there to be a reason for cancer barging into my life unannounced – I couldn’t really explain it better than that. When I saw the advert for volunteer cancer advocates I knew immediately that this was what I wanted to do. I was signed off work at the time and I recall that as I was filling out the application form somehow my whole cancer experience was being turned around. It was almost like the flicking of a switch from negative to positive.

So far, I haven’t looked back.

Being accepted to do the training at Impetus was hugely exciting – meeting other people with their own cancer stories and talking about cancer in a much wider sense i.e. not just breast cancer was immensely interesting. I felt I was learning so much but also beginning to realise just how I could use my own knowledge, experience and skills in such a different way – to support others affected by cancer.

Judith Pearson

Judith Pearson

Being matched with my first client was exciting – I was keen to start. In preparation for my first meeting I did a bit of research on the internet – just some background information – and I found I was enjoying this new challenge in my life. Finding out and learning new things seemed especially compelling and I can feel that I am already looking forward to the prospect of working with more clients.

Cycling off to meet my client for the first time was a little daunting however my worry was short lived as he was a pleasure to talk to. We were able to discuss the information I had researched and he was delighted that I had already drafted a letter; I was getting things moving.

I am delighted to be involved with Impetus and cancer advocacy- not only am I helping others affected by cancer but they are also helping me.

Judith Pearson, Volunteer Advocate

To contact Macmillan Impetus Cancer Advocacy Service phone 01273 737888 or email canceradvocacy@bh-impetus.org

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One thought on ““My whole cancer experience was being turned around”

  1. I think this is a pretty good initiative. Sometimes it takes a community to save a person.


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