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Peer advocates supporting older people affected by cancer

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It’s Carers Week

Whilst it’s still Volunteers Week it’s also Carers Week from 6th to 12th June. Kath Curley of programme partner Beth Johnson Foundation looks at at the statistics around the service the Staffordshire and Wolverhampton Cancer Advocacy and Support Project provides.

Since the start of the Project there have been 432 referrals into the advocacy and support service,  with 95 (22%)  being for carers. Of these 29 (30.5%) are male and 66 ( 69.5%) female – a ratio of   more than 2:1 of female to male. Currently there are 11 open cases for carers across Staffordshire and Wolverhampton.   Looking at the 84 closed cases throws up some interesting statistics.

The majority of referrals were “self-referrals”  – 36% followed by referrals from the Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Centres in Stoke, Stafford, Burton and Wolverhampton which were 22 around 23%. Referrals to the Advocacy Service for clients with cancer resulted in 8 referrals for their carers and friends and family of cancer patients led to a further 7 referrals. Macmillan nationally (helpline) have only referred 1 carer to the Project.


84 cases have been closed over the period of the Project of which 39 were closed as the “course of action was completed” which is 46%.  Unfortunately only 6 were closed because they felt empowered to act for themselves, make decisions or had regained control. One carer was too ill and there was no engagement with 9. Other reasons were moving out of area, no longer needing the service, bereavement and refusing the service.

Of the 95 cases, the majority live in North Staffordshire (including Stoke on Trent), this is not surprising as the Project was started as a pilot in this area back in 2012. Wolverhampton has only had 5 referrals but this was the last area to come on board as part of the Project in February 2015.


The project is for older people (50+) affected by cancer so if you are a carer of someone with a cancer diagnosis, live in Staffordshire or Wolverhampton and are struggling then please get in touch with us. A phone call to Beth Johnson Foundation on 01782 844036 is all you need to do.



Kath Curley, Project Manager



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Hello from KPAIS in Knowsley

KPAIS have worked with older people in Knowsley for 15 years delivering independent advocacy, non-instructed advocacy, welfare rights advice and reputable tradespeople and we are delighted to be part of the Cancer, Older People and Advocacy project, bringing a new service to our clients.


Cancer, Older People and Advocacy is such an exciting new project, recognising the value of advocacy for someone affected by cancer.

We have had an exciting first month, speaking to our local hospices, visiting the Cancer iVan, identifying the first members of our Local Cancer Champions Board and raising awareness of Cancer, Older People and Advocacy in Knowsley through Facebook and Twitter.


KPAIS information point

KPAIS information point

We had an article in our local free paper and have already had 3 self referrals directly as a result of that, which we were so pleased to see.

We are in the process of recruiting volunteers to work with us on this project and we have a lot more talks planned to let local services know what we can offer for older people here in Knowsley.

Pat McCarthy

Pat McCarthy

It feels very exciting to be part of such an innovative, national project and KPAIS are really looking forward to growing and developing Knowsley Cancer, Older People and Advocacy.

Patricia McCarthy, Manager, KPAIS